Increase in Sex Work in Guyana in Response to Economic Circumstances


According the article in the Guyanese newspaper Stabroek News, more young people turning  to sex work because of economic circumstances. They interview Miriam Edwards, Executive Director of the Guyana Sex Workers Coalition,  who says that more women are taking on this means of earning support by choice or circumstances, and they need to be supported rather than demonized. Doing this drives these workers underground, where their work becomes even more precarious and at-risk. A lot of people demonize sex work on moral grounds because of their own views on sexuality and sex work as a means of economic subsistence, but the reality is that many people have been making the choice to engage in sex work independently for thousands and thousands of years. The Stabroek News writes, “And when it was suggested that the young people should be told to abstain and not look at sex as a means of supporting themselves, Edwards quickly dismissed this saying that it is ‘stupidness’ and that ‘when I talking, I talking about reality, things what happening.'”

I guess it should be noted that neither Miriam Edwards, ED of the Guyana Sex Workers Coalition, nor anyone at Lady Economist thinks that any kind of human trafficking, including sex trafficking, is a good thing.


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