Month: May 2013

Working at Walmart on Mother’s Day

It’s not surprising that low-wage working mothers don’t even get Mother’s Day off to honor their dauntless efforts to take care of their families. In a special Mother’s Day article on HuffPo, labor reporter Saki Knafo interviews low-wage working mothers,… Read More ›

Where My Girls At?

Is blogging a guy thing? In a recent blog post on the Oxfam blog From Poverty to Power, Oxfam advisor Duncan Green asks this question, citing the prevalence of male bloggers and blog commenters in the development world. Even though… Read More ›

For Love or For Money?

In A Day Without Care in Jacobin Magazine, labor journalist Sarah Jaffe writes about the blossoming labor movement for caring work, discussing recent strikes in retail and education. Jaffe also gives us some background on the history for better working conditions,… Read More ›

Lady Mechanic Here

The title of this post is directly referencing the Lady Mechanic Initiative in Nigeria, rather than our usual tongue-in-cheek usage of the term. This pretty awesome organization was brought to our attention through NPR’s series on the changing lives of… Read More ›