Month: July 2013

The Politics of Weiner

I have a lot of feelings about Weinerate 2.0. Like, is this important? As a third wave feminist, how do I think someone’s sexuality weighs on their political prowess? And then I have a lot of secondary feelings about my… Read More ›

Feminist Economics Syllabus

Feminist economics is a thing that exists, which some non-economists are incredulous about when I tell them that is what I do. I’ve written about it a little bit on Lady Economist, but it’s always worth expanding on. Many economists… Read More ›

Feminist Spitzer

Former New York Governor and current NYC Comptroller Candidate Elliot Spitzer was on All In With Chris Hayes last night talking about a number of topics, among them his identification as a feminist in contrast with recent criticism from NOW-NYC… Read More ›

Let Them Eat Farm Subsidies

Before I decided to become a Lady Economist, I was a professional troublemaker in the anti-hunger nonprofit community, advocating for expansions to federal nutrition programs. In recent weeks I have been amazed by the news – first that the Farm… Read More ›

The Death Eaters of Economics

Recently, Robert Atkinson and Michael Lind published an insightful article to Salon pinpointing the evils of Econ 101. Overall, I agree: the dumbed down version of Economics that those malignant mainstreamers spew is intended to misdirect (or simplify, w/ev) from… Read More ›

Shawty Economist

Bear with me, because I’ve been listening to the “twerk tape” mix on Songza and drinking a lot of iced coffee, but I’ve just realized that shawty is perhaps the least sexist term for the female gender. It’s a term… Read More ›