Shawty Economist

Bear with me, because I’ve been listening to the “twerk tape” mix on Songza and drinking a lot of iced coffee, but I’ve just realized that shawty is perhaps the least sexist term for the female gender. It’s a term for women that doesn’t compare us to animals (bitch), relate us to our genitals (cunt), or refer to a past time where women were considered the weaker sex (lady, even though we love the term). This is not to say that it’s not often used in a derogatory way in a lot of hip hop, but the term itself is not inherently pejorative. Let’s face it, women do tend to be the shorter gender. I’m hesitant to say that anything is a biological fact when it comes to gender since I think a lot of what makes up our understanding of gender is socialized, but allow me this. I happen to be a proud 5 foot tall woman – a shawty economist, if you will.

Now listen to this song and embrace your shawty power.


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  1. You just reminded me that I need to listen to some Iggy Azalea, haven’t had my weekly fix yet. Love. Her.

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