Resource for the Lazy Feminist Economist

downloadThe peer-reviewed journal Feminist Economics is publishing a little cheat sheet for the economist that likes her feminist economics and gender research, but might not have the time to closely read each volume. (Or, like me, have the best intentions to do so but rarely the mental energy or motivation to actually focus on doing any more scholarly reading.) Feminist Economics Research Notes (FERN) publishes brief and non-technical summaries of the research that is published in a volume of Feminist Economics. Each note is a one-page rundown that gives you just enough information to understand the research so you can sound really smart when you casually mention all the recent scholarly articles you’ve read.

It’s also a great resource for the non-economist with an interest in economics or undergraduate economics students and their professors who want to engage them in current research. It gives you an idea of what is being researched in the field and what results are found without getting too deep into theoretical intricacies or technical details.

So go, get your feminist economics on. Enjoy.



Categories: Economisses, News and Analysis, The Dismal Discipline

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