Angry Feminists

Freedom Feminism

Like the campaign against french fries in 2003 that resulted in “freedom fries” in congressional cafeterias, the American Enterprise Institute is trying to adopt “freedom feminism” in a style that is opposed to pre-eminent French foremother de Beauvoir. Freedom is… Read More ›

Lady Philosopher

It’s easy to fade out of philosophy as a woman, because no one is paying attention. Learning to be a graduate student, a philosopher, and a teacher are all their own skills. They require time, effort, and experience–and I have… Read More ›

Feminist Economics Syllabus

Feminist economics is a thing that exists, which some non-economists are incredulous about when I tell them that is what I do. I’ve written about it a little bit on Lady Economist, but it’s always worth expanding on. Many economists… Read More ›

Feminist Spitzer

Former New York Governor and current NYC Comptroller Candidate Elliot Spitzer was on All In With Chris Hayes last night talking about a number of topics, among them his identification as a feminist in contrast with recent criticism from NOW-NYC… Read More ›

Shawty Economist

Bear with me, because I’ve been listening to the “twerk tape” mix on Songza and drinking a lot of iced coffee, but I’ve just realized that shawty is perhaps the least sexist term for the female gender. It’s a term… Read More ›