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Love, Economics Style

This Valentine’s Day, I can’t help but think about all the economists who’ve been struck by Cupid’s arrow. Sure, charming blog posts joke about the “14 Ways to Say I Love You to An Economist” (hint: they’re all graphs), and… Read More ›

Kisses on the Court

There are many reasons to love the WNBA – for it’s athleticism, it’s symbolism, it’s social importance – but one of the reasons I really love the WNBA is the way the players play the game with passion and aggression… Read More ›

Shawty Economist

Bear with me, because I’ve been listening to the “twerk tape” mix on Songza and drinking a lot of iced coffee, but I’ve just realized that shawty is perhaps the least sexist term for the female gender. It’s a term… Read More ›