Global Economics

Posts about global, non-US, inter-/transnational feminist economics, or about events occurring outside of the United States

Lady Mechanic Here

The title of this post is directly referencing the Lady Mechanic Initiative in Nigeria, rather than our usual tongue-in-cheek usage of the term. This pretty awesome organization was brought to our attention through NPR’s series on the changing lives of… Read More ›

The Iron Lady’s Legacy

Margaret Thatcher’s recent passing has created an internet stir, and it sounds as if the release of her posthumous book will have us talking about Maggie for some time. While it’s generally tacky to cash in on a famous person’s… Read More ›

Lady MacDonald Had a Farm

As our world economy has developed and globalized, women’s work has changed in nature in response to new opportunities while also continuing to be constrained by old barriers. The New York Times published an article by Olivier de Schutter, UN special… Read More ›