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The Death Eaters of Economics

Recently, Robert Atkinson and Michael Lind published an insightful article to Salon pinpointing the evils of Econ 101. Overall, I agree: the dumbed down version of Economics that those malignant mainstreamers spew is intended to misdirect (or simplify, w/ev) from… Read More ›


Ladies have made serious inroads in economics over the past few decades, but we still got a lot of room to grow. In 1970, women were awarded 7% of economics PhDs, and as of the late 1990s that jumped to… Read More ›

Trust Me, I’m an Economist

Noah Smith, an associate professor of Finance at Stony Break University has recently called into question the entire discipline of Economics. He equates asking economists for a economy advice to asking two 14th century English physicians for a medical treatment;… Read More ›