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Whitest Jobs in America

The Atlantic recently published a fascinating review of the whitest jobs in the U.S. in the graph below, following up on their broader discussion of workforce stratification by race from last week. The labor force overall is 81% white, but… Read More ›

The Women Are Taking Over

We’ve talked here on Lady Economist about whether women make better leaders just by virtue of being women. But at least when it comes to the massively dysfunctional federal government in the United States, ladies seem to be getting it… Read More ›

There She Is

I was hesitant to write about the racist craziness that exploded on the internet after Miss New York Nina Davuluri was crowned Miss America last night, becoming the first Indian-American to win the title. First of all, I don’t approve… Read More ›

The Politics of Weiner

I have a lot of feelings about Weinerate 2.0. Like, is this important? As a third wave feminist, how do I think someone’s sexuality weighs on their political prowess? And then I have a lot of secondary feelings about my… Read More ›

Irreconcilable Differences

No, I am not writing about gay divorce in the wake of the marriage cases.  I am writing about this Supreme Court’s vision of the separation of powers, and the Court’s conflcting decisions in the Voting Rights Act case decided… Read More ›