Women at Work

Posts about women in the labor market, feminized labor and jobs historically associated with women, policies and initiatives which affect women, and similar items

The Standard 20%

Ah, Paris, City of Light. Having recently returned from a 2 week trip to Paris, some cultural differences between France and the U.S.  were brought to light. Some were more expected than others (young bachelors walking home with freshly baked baguettes… Read More ›

Lady Philosopher

It’s easy to fade out of philosophy as a woman, because no one is paying attention. Learning to be a graduate student, a philosopher, and a teacher are all their own skills. They require time, effort, and experience–and I have… Read More ›

Lean In vs. Opt Out:

The decision by some women to put on hold what is, and is promising to continue to be, a promising career, is never an easy one to make. Torn between their desire for professional fulfillment, usually after many years of… Read More ›

Working at Walmart on Mother’s Day

It’s not surprising that low-wage working mothers don’t even get Mother’s Day off to honor their dauntless efforts to take care of their families. In a special Mother’s Day article on HuffPo, labor reporter Saki Knafo interviews low-wage working mothers,… Read More ›