Month: March 2013

Let Them Eat Wedding Cake

I think our liberal leanings at Lady Economist are pretty evident, so it goes without saying that we are strong supporters of marriage equality and we hope the Supreme Court realizes the constitutionality of the arguments for allowing same sex… Read More ›

The New American Precariat

This past weekend the New York Times wrote an article on the Freelancers Union, the new labor movement seeking to address the concerns of the New American Precariat. The precariat is the class of workers who are employed in precarious types… Read More ›

I Just Ate a Feminist Salad

Just kidding! There’s no such thing.* At the Lady Economist Headquarters today, we’ve been talking a lot about the New York Magazine article on “feminist housewives” who are “leaning out” of the workforce and staying home. Dorothy has already penned… Read More ›