Month: June 2013

Irreconcilable Differences

No, I am not writing about gay divorce in the wake of the marriage cases.  I am writing about this Supreme Court’s vision of the separation of powers, and the Court’s conflcting decisions in the Voting Rights Act case decided… Read More ›

Marriage is So Gay

It came as no surprise yesterday that the Supreme Court did not rule in a Loving fashion on Prop 8, and I stand by my prediction of confusion, chaos, and court cases. But we have much to cheer about, including aspects… Read More ›

Cover It Up, Ladies!

A recent viral YouTube video with a talk by swimwear designer Jessica Rey is making the rounds, where Rey essentially says “Cover it up, ladies! Men cannot control their gaze, so we better hide our bits from them!” Rey seems… Read More ›


Ladies have made serious inroads in economics over the past few decades, but we still got a lot of room to grow. In 1970, women were awarded 7% of economics PhDs, and as of the late 1990s that jumped to… Read More ›

Trust Me, I’m an Economist

Noah Smith, an associate professor of Finance at Stony Break University has recently called into question the entire discipline of Economics. He equates asking economists for a economy advice to asking two 14th century English physicians for a medical treatment;… Read More ›