Month: October 2013

Freedom Feminism

Like the campaign against french fries in 2003 that resulted in “freedom fries” in congressional cafeterias, the American Enterprise Institute is trying to adopt “freedom feminism” in a style that is opposed to pre-eminent French foremother de Beauvoir. Freedom is… Read More ›

The Women Are Taking Over

We’ve talked here on Lady Economist about whether women make better leaders just by virtue of being women. But at least when it comes to the massively dysfunctional federal government in the United States, ladies seem to be getting it… Read More ›

Lady Philosopher

It’s easy to fade out of philosophy as a woman, because no one is paying attention. Learning to be a graduate student, a philosopher, and a teacher are all their own skills. They require time, effort, and experience–and I have… Read More ›

Kisses on the Court

There are many reasons to love the WNBA – for it’s athleticism, it’s symbolism, it’s social importance – but one of the reasons I really love the WNBA is the way the players play the game with passion and aggression… Read More ›