Month: April 2014

Something Doesn’t Add Up

Phyllis Schlafly’s recent article “Fact and Fallacies About Paycheck Fairness” proves at least one point – women can’t do math. In her article, she argues that gender wage inequality is a good thing because it supports the institution of marriage,… Read More ›

Commuting to Flatsville

Think about that train you take every morning to work. It’s a scene right out of Working Girl: at every station it pulls up to, women line up at the platform in blazers, pencil skirts, tights . . . and… Read More ›

Public Goods Providing Innovation

Economist Mariana Mazzucato addresses the private sector/public sector dichotomy with incentivizing entrepreneurship and provision of public goods that spur private innovation, and whether the two are that different after all, in this talk on the series Seminars on Long-term Thinking…. Read More ›